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Book for your team, cook for your dream!

Conferences, seminars, meetings

Is it possible to mix business with pleasure? We think so.We provide all the specialist equipment, expertise and facilities for product presentations, corporate events, customer events and team building arrangements.

Social events program

We offer an extensive programme of services from waiting during your conference breaks to serving a light Lunch in the Kochatelier. Or maybe you want to stir the pots together with your colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere after an exhausting meeting ?

We can seat up to 60 people for your social function or give a reception for up to 80 people. If that sounds interesting don’t hesitate and contact us by phone or mail to find out more and make arrangements.

Create a new sense of Us in your team, for instance cook a 4 course meal at the Kochatelier Bonn. You will be directed by our experienced chefs Klaus Velten and Christoph Dubois. Or maybe you would like to stage a competitive cooking competition where different teams cook against each other?

We have the location and advice.

Use the benefits of cooking events to enhance your team, because cooking...

  • can be practiced by all members without previous knowledge
  • is teamwork detached from work
  • encourages new role allocation
  • necessitates effective workflow and decision making
  • provides new workexperience
  • stands for: interest, fun and passion

Of course – there will be entertainment, tricks for you to learn and opportunities to meet like-minded people.

Dubois & Velten – together these two chefs make an unbeatable team

This highly professional duo made their dreams come true when they opened up the Kochatelier Bonn. Their skill and knowledge is already much in demand from hobbycooks and gourmets.

Christoph Dubois

He knows the international kitchen like the back of his hand and he does not mind you looking over his shoulder. He leads our cooking courses in English.

Klaus Velten

As a cooking entertainer, he knows exactly what he is doing behind the stove. Guest of the Kochatelier Bonn and fans have learned a lot from the TV-Chef in action.